The Many Different Types of Highways

Divided Highways: Highways which lanes going in the Opposite directions divided by a median or some sort of barrier between them.

County Road: A county road is a road that is regulated an maintained by a certain county.

State Highway: This is a highway that is administrated by the state, example. SR 114

U.S. Highway: This is a nationally regulated highway that is a predecessor to the Interstate Highway program that were adopted in 1926 , highways like US 1 and US 6 are examples.

Interstate Highways: These were the Highways that were created by Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 50s. These are expressways that cris-cross the country that carry large volumes of traffic.

Expressways: This is a national term that high volume roads are called. They are divided highways with at least 4 lanes. most in the country are commissioned as Interstates.

Freeways: Same as expressways, this a term that is used out west, especially in California.

Toll ways: This is a highway that collects tolls. Usually from tollbooths a couple miles apart on a highway.

Turnpikes: This usually another type of a toll way. The main difference is that these road collect tolls using a ticket system. You get a ticket when you get on the highway and you pay the ticket when you get off. The Pennsylvania Turnpike is the first modern turnpike in the country. Other examples are the Massachusetts turnpike, and the now defunct Connecticut Turnpike.

Parkway: A divided highway, that has lots of trees and plants around. Usually very beautiful and scenic highways.

Other names for Divided Highways: Skyways, Bee Lines, Toll Roads

Limited Access Highway: A highway where access is limited to signed exits.

Partial Access Highways: A highway that allows access at other streets, probably at a stop light. Though driveways and other forms of access are not allowed.

Full Access Highways: This is pretty much any road that is divided, and has driveways and stuff.