195 Relocation

The granddaddy of construction projects in nearly upon us. The relocation of Interstate 195 between Interstate 95 and India Point is by far the largest construction project in the state since the Interstate Highways were built in the state. The Rhode Island Highways site is well aware of this an we will keep you updated of progress that is going into the project.

The project will move I-195 from its current position which splits downtown from the jewelry district. Its going to be placed in front of the Hurricane Barrier. The current portion of the highways was built in the early 1960s, and since there were many buildings in the area they had to build the highway around the buildings. What ended up happening was the current highway has many sharp turns that have caused many accidents, an backs up traffic for miles at times.  

What is currently going is the process of bringing down some of the buildings in the way of the highway. Many buildings including the former building of my employer have to come down soon. In 2006 the highway should be concluded a new arch-bridge should be constructed over the Providence River. The Current bridge will be torn down, but what will happen to the old land is not currently decided yet.

RIDOT currently has a comprehensive website on the project though I do not know how well it will be updated in the future. RIDOT Rhode Island Relocation Page.