Rhode Island State highways usually have a "R.I." above the numeral. The "R.I." is on signs posted next to a highway. yet when they are posted on highways the "R.I." disappears.

When the U.S. Government allowed for states to decide their own speed limits, Rhode Island kept their official state speed limit at 55 mph. It allowed for 65 mph on two highways though. Their is a 65 mph speed limit on all of I-295 and on I-95 south of Exit 8.

Recently Rhode Island was given the dubious honor of having the worst roads in America considering how much money they get. I believe it looking at the condition of all of SR 10 and SR 6. I-95 was in terrible shape for a long time. The Sakonnet River bridge is about to fall in the river and so is the Providence River Bridge.

Highways that have recently been repaired are: Point St. Bridge, Providence;   Washington Bridge, Providence-East Providence;  I-95 between I-195 and SR 10;

Like in Most other New England States the state highways keep the same numbers when they go over state borders. Like SR 138 is the same in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Also like most States out east the Interstates are numbered by exits in order instead of by mile number like in the rest of the country. This can make it harder to add exits in between states because you either have back up all the remaining exits or add something like 6B or 6A and such.