Other Expressways

Rhode Island Route 4

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Known as the "The Road to the beach" It branches off I-95 at Exit 9 and is an Expressway until Exit 5 at SR 102. It ends when the divided highway interchanges with US 1. You still go an average of 50 mph all the way to Narraganset with a minimum of traffic lights.. It still is a fast way to get to Narragansett and to South Kingston. If you look at the interchanges on it the last one is Exit 8 before it converges with I-95. The next exit going south on I-95 is also exit 8. It looks as if they were plans to convert SR 4 into I-95 and they wouldn't have to change the exit signs on the road.  Here's the Exit Listing for it

US Route 6

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US Route 6 runs from I-95 in Providence to I-295 in Johnston. It runs at 50 mph until it separates from SR 10 where it goes to 55 mph. It is a 6 lane highway and it is in not very good condition. It was originally going to be part of what was going to be I-84 from Connecticut. That explains all the "Hartford CT." signs. Also The last exit with I-295 was made to extend through Johnston, but it was scrapped. You can see how the highway was planned to go through Johnston  by the final interchange.  It used to be tagged SR 195 when it was built. The road was marked US 6 in about 1991 when the connection of SR 10 and I-95 was built and US 6 was re routed off of all of the side streets it had previously been on. Here's the Exit Listing for it

Rhode Island Route 10

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Also known as the Huntington Expressway. It was the first limited access highway in Rhode Island. This can be seen by its sharp turns, narrow lanes, and its odd exit ramps. Originally it was marked as State Route 2, but it was later changed to 10. It was completed in 1991 when the 6-10 connectors was completed at I-95. Before that it ended at Dean St. At US 6, it merges in to 6-10 going Northbound. This was also part of what was going to be I-84, the plan that was later scrapped. It is now a major artery in Providence. It ends suddenly at Park St. in Cranston. It was originally slated to continue all the way to Warwick. It is a tough highway to travel especially when around the US 6 interchange. If you look at it on a map it could be considered a beltway of Providence except that when you connect with I-95 again in Downtown Providence the traffic is horrid. It is due for repaving soon, because this is obviously the worst highway in the state. Here's the exit listing for it

Rhode Island Route 24

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SR 24 is part of MA 24 that ends in Fall River, MA. It includes the Sakonnet River Bridge that crosses the Sakonnet River from Tiverton to Portsmouth. It ends abruptly at SR 114 in Portsmouth.  It is a small 4 Lane Highway and it includes SR 138 over the bridge into Portsmouth. It is famous in Rhode Island for its speed traps. One is at the Mass. State Line. There is a cop right in the median. Also in all of Portsmouth it tempts a driver to speed because of its low speed limits. Be careful. Here's the Exit Listing for it

Rhode Island Route 37

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This was part of what would be I-895, but it was scrapped by Barrington Residents who didn't want a highway running through their town. Now all that remains is a useless highway that runs from I-295 to I-95. It only has 5 Exits that are now numbered for no good reason. Its last exit is actually at Post Road in Warwick even though the last posted exit on most maps is I-95. Here's the exit listing for it

Rhode Island Route 99

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This is just a small highway that runs off of SR 146 in Lincoln and has two exits. It ends in Woonsocket. I really don't see any reason for it except for just a route that will get you into Woonsocket faster. Here's the exit Listing for it

Rhode Island Route 146

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This is an odd Expressway. It starts in Providence as the Louisquisset Pike, it has no exit numbers and is four lanes. Once it enters Lincoln it is called the Eddie Dowling Highway. It passes by Lincoln Woods and CCRI. After it intersects with I-295 it becomes a divided highway. It has a stop light with Iron Mine Hill Rd. From there it remains an Expressway until well into Massachusetts, it heads into Worcester, Massachusetts. The RIDOT is thinking of widening it to three lanes from I-95 to I-295.   Here's the exit Listing for it

Rhode Island Route 138

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This expressway is relatively new, it was built in the early 90s to complement the new Jamestown Bridge being built. It carries SR 138 over the Jamestown and Newport Bridges, and through Jamestown. It is an expressway when it starts at US 1 in North Kingstown. It runs over the Jamestown Bridge and through Jamestown. It then runs over the Newport bridge. The Newport Bridge is odd because it should have been part of the now dead I-895. Yet the Newport Bridge carries 4 lanes of an undivided highway so I don't know how that could have been incorporated. It the expressway ends at SR 138 in Newport near Newport Grand Jal-Ali.

Other Tiny Expressways

These are small highways that are technically Expressways but have no numbers and were never fully completed.