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This is a page completely devoted to Highways in the biggest little state in the union. It may be a small state but it has 3 Interstates. A Limited Access U.S. Highway, and 6 State Highway Limited Access Highways. This is finally a completely listing of all the highways in Rhode Island.

Announcement: I am currently out of the state for college and will be until May when I get out of school. Being out of the state its hard for me to update the site so if anyone out there who lives in New England has updates for the site, please e-mail me at


5/8/01: A new page has been built concerning the 1-195 Relocation project linked. You can go to it by clicking here.

2/4/01: Well I have finally updated the site. This is the 3rd Overhaul of the site so I guess this is version 3.0 I just think this is this is a much slicker and modern look. Plus I'll be adding a couple more maps.

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